THE BASICS OF A COMPLETE DERMO-REVITALIZATION: Menthyl nicotinate, a lipophilic derivative of Vitamin B3 with a NAD-booster effect

Dr. Alessio Gessati – Aesthetic Medical Doctor (Centro Medico Remedia Milano)

We have focused on a dermo-revitalization treatment that uses a new multifunctional active product manufactured in Italy with a patented industrial synthesis process: Menthyl nicotinate (trade name Nicomenthyl® 20).

Nicomenthyl 20 - Lipophilic Vitamin B3 Derivative with NAD-Booster Effect

Nicomenthyl® 20 is a multifunctional sensorial active ingredient derived from vitamin B3 (i.e. niacin or nicotinic acid), manufactured in Italy by Multichem R&D with a patented synthesis process.

Nicomenthyl® 20 significantly enhances skin microcirculation, without causing hyperemia or irritation. Instead, it produces a pleasant localized tingling sensation.

Menthyl nicotinate - High rate of skin absorption and time-release delivery of Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Menthyl nicotinate is a new multifunctional, sensory active ingredient that activates the microcirculation of the skin. It has been proven to be effective as an antioxidant, antipollutant, detoxifying and protective agent. This in vitro study on a reconstructed human epidermis (RHE) model investigates menthyl nicotinate’s fast penetration kinetics through the skin, and how its subsequent hydrolysis releases menthol and niacin (vitamin B3) within 24 hours of its application. The total release of niacin was analyzed at different time points, and the release curve was plotted.

Nicomenthyl - Transcutaneous niacin delivery and anti-pollution, detox, anti-oxidant efficacy

The skin barrier biochemical mechanisms responsible for defence against endogenous and exogenous damaging agents have been widely researched (1-3). These studies evidenced the fundamental role played by niacin (nicotinic acid or vitamin B3), a precursor of the coenzyme NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NAD+ is essential to all cellular processes involved in immune response and repairing DNA damage caused by UV radiation or aggressive chemicals.

Nicomenthyl - Activator of the cutaneous microcirculation with a hot-cold sensorial effect

NICOMENTHYL® is composed of pure MENTHYL NICOTINATE, with no residues of other nicotinates, obtained through a new and exclusive industrial synthesis process developed over 20 years of research at Multichem & Pink Frogs Laboratory in Rozzano (Milan) - Italy.
NICOMENTHYL® represents a new and revolutionary substance for cosmetic use that can significantly activate the cutaneous microcirculation without causing bothersome hyperaemia or irritations, on the contrary it generates a pleasant hot-cold sensation focused on the area of application.