THE BASICS OF A COMPLETE DERMO-REVITALIZATION: Menthyl nicotinate, a lipophilic derivative of Vitamin B3 with a NAD-booster effect

Dr. Alessio Gessati – Aesthetic Medical Doctor (Centro Medico Remedia Milano)

We have focused on a dermo-revitalization treatment that uses a new multifunctional active product manufactured in Italy with a patented industrial synthesis process: Menthyl nicotinate (trade name Nicomenthyl® 20).

Stimulator of skin microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, Menthyl nicotinate, being liposoluble, combines a high degree of skin absorption with a great safety of use even when it is used at high concentrations and in formulations specifically dedicated to use in Aesthetic Medicine.

In the first part of the exposition, the characteristics and biochemical mechanisms of the epidermal hydrolysis of Menthyl nicotinate will be briefly highlighted, justifying the rapid skin absorption, a long-lasting action and a massive release of Vitamin B3 (8 times higher than that of niacinamide).

Vitamin B3, precursor of NAD, one of the most important coenzymes in cellular metabolism, promotes a well known anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

The second part will illustrate the rationale behind the development of therapeutic protocols, exploiting the peculiarities and potential of the molecule, in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine.

The extreme simplicity of the application of the active will be evidenced as well as how mentyl nicotinate significantly increases the skin microcirculation with a long-lasting effect without causing irritation or sensitization. Unlike treatments such as peelings, the patient will feel a pleasant "tingling" effect a few minutes after application.

In the final considerations, the Author suggests ideas for articulating new synergistic therapeutic strategies: “an effective dermo-revitalization is in fact the prerequisite for a complete soft-restoration”.

Dr. Alessio Gessati

Dr. Alessio Gessati

Dr. Alessio Gessati