Multichem R&D is committed to the research and development of bio-ethical, safe, and efficient products and technologies for Personal and Home Care. Independent research and operative flexibility are our strongest points. We focus on unique, added valued ingredients supported by rigorous multidisciplinary scientific research and testing.

We control all aspect of production from research to formulation and manufacturing in order to guarantee the highest possible quality and safety.

We constantly update on regulatory normatives to provide our customers with guide lines for applications and validation of claims regarding our formulations.

We have built up through time a professional team of experts, able to guaranty a high quality service covering all aspects of production, regulatory and administrative services.

Since 1993 Dr. Segalla, head of Multichem’s Research & Development department, has created a diversified patent and know how portfolio extending from the cosmetic field to the household products industry. His formulations are commercialized by prominent companies in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to its intellectual and technical assets and its prompt reaction time, Multichem R&D  has been able to build up during the years its  reputation as a professional and trustworthy partner.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with innovative and exclusive solutions that do make a real difference and contribute significantly to their success, in the shortest lapse of time possible.