Is Nicomenthyl 20 causing the so called Niacin-flush (temporary skin redness)?

The menthylic (from menthol) moiety of the menthyl nicotinate molecule acts as a kind of controller or modulator of the flushing effect caused by the nicotinic (from niacin) moiety. Occasionally however, skin care or hair care products containing Nicomenthyl 20, depending on the concentration and the type of formulation, may cause a light beneficial flush in the application area and a kind of slightly “tingling” subcutaneous sensation, that will disappear in a short time.
The Niacin being released from Nicomenthyl 20 flushes the skin area by increasing blood flow in that area. This is to be considered very HELPFUL and BENEFICIAL. Such blood flow enhancement promotes the flushing of toxins out of the skin fatty tissues. The flush will be minimized by repeating the application of the product, with no reduction of the detox efficacy of the product.

Niacin flush