What is the mechanism of action of Nicomenthyl 20?

Once absorbed through the skin barrier, Menthyl nicotinate is slowly hydrolyzed into its original components: Niacin and Menthol.
Menthol has a refreshing effect, while Niacin generates a sensation of warmth and enhances skin microcirculation (mild modulated vasodilation). With no irritation or sensitization.
Furthermore, Niacin triggers a complex cascade of biochemical reactions that produce one of the most important cellular coenzymes, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NAD plays a pivotal role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions, including those related to energy (ATP) production, many reduction-oxidation metabolic reactions, the Krebs cycle, as well as many others involved in cell signaling within the immune system, DNA repair, epithelial cell renewal, the synthesis of particular lipids (ceramides) essential to skin barrier functionality and integrity.

Nicomenthyl Hydrolysis