Nicomenthyl Skin Penetration

Skin Penetration Study Protocol: this test method has been designed to provide information on absorption of a test substance applied to the surface of a skin sample separating the two chambers (a donor chamber and a receptor chamber) of a diffusion cell. In vivo viable human skin has been used. The skin has been shown to have the capability to metabolize some chemicals during percutaneous absorption. In this case, metabolites of the test chemical in the epidermis and under epidermis may be analyzed by appropriate methods.


NICOMENTHYL® is composed of pure MENTHYL NICOTINATE, with no residues of other nicotinates, obtained through a new and proprietary industrial synthesis process (patent pending), developed over 20 years of research by Dr. Gabriele Segalla at Multichem R&D Laboratories, in Milan, Italy.


A long story of passion and persistence in the pursuit of purity

NICOMENTHYL is the result of Dr Gabriele Segalla’s idea developed in 1992 under the name of Cryotermol. The idea in was to synthesize a new molecular complex capable of performing a bivalent or “contradictory” cosmetic action, i.e.

Menthyl Nicotinate and Sexual Response Stimolation


Menthyl nicotinate is a new, revolutionary substance that can be used as an active ingredient in sexual recreational products, thanks to its ability to penetrate through the skin barrier, optimize the interconnections between skin and nervous system and activate skin microcirculation significantly (cf. figure 4), without causing any annoying hyperemia or irritation. On the contrary, it produces a dual effect, i.e. modulated vasodilation and a pleasant hot-cold sensory effect in the area of application.