Which tests were done to assess the toxicological safety of Nicomenthyl 20?

The following assessment tests were conducted on Nicomenthyl 20: in vitro cutaneous irritation testing on 3D reconstructed human epidermis (according to OCED 439); in vitro model testing to predict skin sensitization through assessment of the stimulating potential of the investigated substance on the immune cellular response mediated by monocyte/macrophage cells; in vitro test method for the prediction of the vaginal tolerability on reconstructed epithelium by means of the viability assessment of reconstructed tissues after single product application; in vitro assessment of the ocular irritancy potential through cytotoxicity assay Neutral Red Uptake on cell culture and in vitro Het Cam testing on fertilized chicken eggs. All tests have confirmed the absence of irritative and/or sensitizing effects on skin and eyes.
However, adopting a precautionary approach to minimize risk of eye irritation, even though in vitro tests on ocular irritancy have all given negative results, this substance has been classified as Eye Irritant 2 according to Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP).